DDSkills - 3rd Transnational Project Meeting


On 12 and 13 October, DDSkills partners held its third transnational meeting of the project and presented the DDSkills project and its digital toolkit in a workshop.

On the 12 October, the 13 project partners gathered in Brussels and online to present the latest developments, which includes the finalisation of the Course Plan, the Certification Scheme for the course contents, the Certification Scheme for trainees and the Handbook.

Partners also discussed the work priorities for the coming months, such as the development of the digital toolkits and the pilot trainings.

  • Digital toolkits: the toolkits will include a Virtual Reality application for social skills training, an Augmented Reality application promoting self-advocacy through role playing, and a telepresence robot.
  • Pilot trainings: the trained trainers will teach the DDSkills course to a total of 120 health and care professionals, 20 in each country (Ireland, Italy, Germany, Greece and Lithuania).  It also includes the creation of the project’s own platform and MOOC, to offer the training online and support interactions among students, professors, and teaching assistants.

On 13 October, DDSkills partner Nikos Papastamatiou from Senseworks and the project coordinator Panagiotis Korfoxyliotis from To Ergastiri presented the project during EASPD’s International Conference ‘The future is now: Person Centred Technology to empower people and disability services.’ In a workshop on digital skills for service providers and persons with disabilities, both partners elaborated on the content of the DDSkills project and the project’s digital toolkit.

The presentation is available here.

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