The first 2 toolkits can be combined with an electroencephalography (EEG) device to measure users‘ stress and workload. The proposed device is a passive Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). A BCI is a technology that utilizes brain signals to control external devices (Wolpaw & Wolpaw, 2012). A „passive BCI“ passively decodes mental, emotional, and cognitive states from the neurophysiological signals of the user (Zander et al., 2009) and uses this information to adapt the environment. The proposed device (mindtooth; was identified by reviewing the commercial available tool and can be used to monitor the users‘ levels of workload and stress. Such monitoring can be performed while accessing to the AR and VR applications, to control the level of workload and stress while performing the activities proposed in the toolkit. 




Photos with trainees using the toolkits



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