Sensors Toolkit

The aim of this toolkit is to showcase how can smart sensors and wearables can be used in combination to apps that can be installed in telepresence robots to assist people with disabilities. In DDSkills, the technical partners cooperated with experts in smart home solutions and robotics from the consortium to create a solution for independent living.

This toolkit includes a wearable, a motion sensor, a door sensor and an app with an avatar that communicates with the beneficiary when rules that are set of each beneficiary are happening.

All these sensors send data to an online platform, where caregivers can view the data collected

A virtual assistant (android app on a table or phone) was developed for DDSkills, that can be placed on a social robot, like the BotEyes Telepresence Robot(, and communicate with the beneficiary when something in not seems normal (e.g. no movement detection for 2 minutes between 9am to 10 pm). The avatar in the app when a rule becomes true asks the user to move the hand wearing the smartwatch. If no movement in detected, the avatar keeps asking the user to move his/her hand. If not movement is recorded for thee times (adjustable) the caregiver is informed to communicate with the beneficiary. This can be done through the telepresence robot or with any other mean if there in not a robot available.

Contact us if you want to try the toolkit.

If you have the sensor's Toolkit, you can find the latest vesrion of the Communication App (Android apk) here

The monitoring app can be found here.




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